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A Rightward Shift: Canada's Youth follows Counterparts in Europe

A look at what Canadians think a Poilievre Conservative government would and should do.

There's Been Some Big Shifts in Federal Vote Intention the Past 2 Weeks

If Justin Trudeau stepped down as leader, how might that impact vote intention?

Can governments communicate with the governed anymore?

Conservatives open up their largest lead ever in Abacus Data polling history

What do Americans think of Canada and Prime Minister Trudeau?

Steady as She Goes

Is the Conservative Party 16-point lead solid?

Conservatives lead by 16

If an election was held today, who would win?

Is there a road back for the Liberals?

Canada’s Housing Crisis: Public Perception & Government Response

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Why is Pierre Poilievre Pushing Bill C-278 on Vaccine Mandates?

Canada's Shifting Political Landscape: The Conservative Party's New Coalition

2015 vs. Today

A political speech worth reading or watching

Canada's Housing Crisis: An Urgent Call from Young Canadians 🏡🚨

A Zero-Sum Mindset and Canadian Politics & Business

Has the Confidence & Supply Agreement Hurt the federal NDP?

From Fan to Foe: Why Gen Z and Millennials are Turning Away from Trudeau

It gets worse for the federal Liberals

Is the Red Wall in Atlantic Canada Crumbling?

Trudeau's Twilight or Poilievre's Dawn? The Real Polling Story Behind the Liberal Slide

Two New Polls - Federal and Ontario Politics

Can the Liberals win again if they lose Millennials?

The Complicated and Nuanced Dynamics of Public Opinion on Interest Rates and Inflation

If a political leader promised to reduce immigration levels, would they win or lose votes?

Conservatives lead Liberals by 10 as PM is set to shuffle Cabinet

Will “security” be what voters seek at the next federal election?

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Why I ride my bike

Will immigration become a salient political issue in Canada?

The Importance of Empathy in the Permacrisis Era

“I’m pro-immigration, but…”

Why we always think things are worse today?

Does differing public health advice create confusion?

Is retirement security the next ticking political time bomb?

The next federal election will be a change election.

What do Canadians think about paramedics?

The UCP is poised to win tomorrow in Alberta

Final Alberta Poll: UCP poised to win, but it's close!

New Abacus Alberta Poll: UCP 51, NDP 47

Worth a Listen: Alberta Election Deep Dive + some early insights from our survey

Making Sense of the Alberta Election

inFocus Podcast: The Alberta NDP takes the lead

Alberta Election: A deeper dive into the regional vote dynamics

Alberta NDP takes the lead

What do Canadians think a a Pierre Poilievre-led Conservative government would do if elected?

Going for Four in a Row: The Liberal Party's Voter Universe

Alberta Pre-Election Survey #1: Tabulations

Smith vs. Notley & the Presidentialization of Alberta Politics

On your marks... the Alberta election is about to begin

Alberta Election: The UCP and NDP are deadlocked, but here’s why I think the UCP is still the favourite to win.

Alberta Election: UCP and NDP tied

The Hunt for a Strong, Stable, National Conservative Majority: The Conservative Party’s Voter Universe

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Creating a New Orange Wave? Exploring the federal NDP voter universe

Toronto Mayoral Election 2023: Uncharted Territory in Canadian Politics

In Defense of Public Election Polling: Responding to the Call for a Ban During Elections

Would you rather be born today or in...

inFocus Recommends: March 27

Nerd Alert: Does asking the vote intention question on a survey differently impact the result?

Valence Politics and Canadian Politics

Why do some men dislike Justin Trudeau so much?

How are Canadian millennials feeling today?

Canadian Politics: Are things tightening up?