Sitemap - 2021 - inFocus with David Coletto

Is political hobbyism hurting democracy? inFocus with Dr. Eitan Hersh on his book "Politics is for Power"

inFocus on COP26 and the clean energy transition in Canada with Merran Smith

The politics of housing affordability with Michael Bourque from the Canadian Real Estate Association

What should the federal government do about healthcare? A discussion with CMA President Dr. Katharine Smart

Election '21 Briefing - And that's a wrap on the Canadian election. What happened?

Election '21 Briefing - It's too close to call as Election 44 wraps

Election '21 Briefing - 4 days to go and the internal tension facing many voters

Election '21 - Messaging, advertising, and campaigning in a pandemic. A deep dive with Conservative strategist Dennis Matthews

Election '21 Briefing - It's a tie between the Conservatives and Liberals. What impact did the TVA debate have?

Election '21 - Why isn't education being discussed this election? Starting a national conversation with Canadian Teachers' Federation President Sam Hammond

Election '21 Briefing - Setting up the leaders' debate and the end of week 3

Election '21 Briefing - We are statistically tied. Back to the 2019 electorate?

Election '21 - The role of foreign policy and development in the campaign with Julia Anderson from CanWaCH

Election '21 Briefing - Erin O'Toole rising?

Election '21 - Why is a wealth tax so popular and how is it connected to affordability?

Election '21 Briefing - Liberal lead down to 5 as the cost of living emerges as the top issue for voters

Election '21 Briefing - The campaign kicks off. Here's where things stand

inFocus on Abacus Data's latest poll that finds the Liberals ahead by 12 on the heals of an expected election call

inFocus on the global vaccine rollout and Canada's role to end the pandemic everywhere, for everyone

inFocus on Black Entrepreneurship in Canada

inFocus on the 2019 Conservative campaign and how polling shaped decisions